Hot hit!

Sun-dried acacia pods cracking and falling down on my head and then to the ground

/ 21.07.2010

WLD 2010: Searching for Silence

World Listening Day 2010: Searching for Silence

/ 20.07.2010

Lyudmila, the legendary host

The legendary host of all sorts of concerts and retro parties

/ 17.07.2010

Webcams, World Cup and live sound

Webcams, World Cup and the live sound. Вебкамеры, Кубок мира и живой звук.

/ 15.07.2010

The first ever Russian FR community

First Russian field recording community. Первое филд-сообщество на русском

/ 11.07.2010

Walking through the St Patrick’s parade

Extended version: St Patrick's Day Parade in Moscow

/ 28.06.2010

The Bank

Sberbank banking hall

/ 23.06.2010