At the assembly point

Conscripts' friends at the assembly position

/ 26.05.2010

Request a sound

Requesting a sound from Sergiyev Posad. Принимаются заявки на звуки

/ 25.05.2010


7.30 am in Sergiyev Posad. Пол-восьмого в Сергиевом Посаде.

/ 23.05.2010

Frogs, north Sergiyev Posad

Frogs' duo heard one morning at the lake edged by the railway line and dachas

/ 21.05.2010

Railway station announcement

Unlike many of the public announcers, this voice sounds more human and personal

/ 18.05.2010

…or not yet?

...or not yet? Уже или еще?

/ 18.05.2010

The magic box

Radonezhye TV studio lift

/ 12.05.2010