Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Zvyozdotchka area

Zvyozdotchka pine woods

Pine woods within the city limits

/ 08.07.2016

Vifanskaya / Rybnaya Street bridge

The first recording was made while walking the second is of the river heard running beneath

/ 19.08.2012

Ghosts of the Olympics

Images of the 1980's Olympics are everywhere on the streets. How do they sound like?

/ 05.08.2012

Zvyozdotchka vehicle sheds

An alley between the hand-built garage blocks and an industrial estate

/ 04.05.2012

Sound Map: Zvyozdotchka

Карта звуков: Звёздочка. Sound Map: Zvyozdotchka

/ 13.03.2012

Floorball, Salyut arena

Impassioned calls ranging from the joyful battle cries to the stinging rebukes

/ 11.12.2011

Modem-go-Round, Zvyozdotchka area

A cross between a dial up modem and a guitar solo

/ 17.09.2011