Category: Nature

Grazhdansky area, 2018

Field recordings made in Grazhdansky area in Sergyiev Posad

/ 17.06.2018

The Reason to Go Outside

Chasing lightnings may lead to unexpected discoveries

/ 14.08.2017

Binaural birds 2017

Listen to the binaural birds from Tchernigovsky forest in Sergiyev Posad, Russia

/ 06.05.2017

First Zagorskoye, next Lesnoye

The sounds of the two Sergyiev Posad beaches compared

/ 15.08.2016

A glacier and a reed organ

The sounds of the Norwegian glacier ice and a Russian reed organ were sent in

/ 26.07.2016

Zvyozdotchka pine woods

Pine woods within the city limits

/ 08.07.2016

Read before it melts

What does the snow footprints tell us about the people who made it?

/ 17.04.2016