Quite a number of new interesting recordings have been sent in by the friends of this website during the past months: from the sound of a village fire-bell to the water-wheel in Radonezh, a local settlement older than Sergiyev Posad. Plus a train accordionist! Listen to these sounds of local life directly at the website and on oontz.ru/radio

Alexey Kurashov shares the crackling noise of the dacha cast-iron stove:

and then there is an ambiance of the dacha itself:

Semyon Semyonov recorded an accordionist on a train: carefully hit the fire alarm in Abramtsevo village:

and recorded an accordionist on a train:

музыкант, электричка

and moved on:

Finally, Alexey Kurashov again – he was in Radonezh and recorded the sound of a water-wheel:

Thanks everyone!

/ 08.01.2023