Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Klement’yevsky area

Boiler house, Shkol’naya street

The sound of hissing is heard throughout the day across the streets

/ 01.12.2017

Parrot in a window cage

Songs from first floor window in Klementyevka, Sergiyev Posad

/ 12.08.2012


Almost in the heart of the industrial estate lies this quarter made up of only two five-storey houses - one is red and the other one is white

/ 10.08.2012

Kulikova street, Klementyevka area

Kulikova street / Shkolnaya street intersection

/ 26.11.2011

Geese and ducks, Banniy Pond

The birds are reportedly nesting in the reed bed at the furthermost part of the reservoir

/ 02.09.2011
зубной, стоматолог, сергиев, воробьевка

At the dentists

A reader's suggestion was to record a visit to a doctor

/ 10.05.2011

Sound Map: Yuzhny, Klementiyevskiy

Sounds of Yuzhny and Klementiyevskiy area

/ 07.12.2010