Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Kozya gorka area

Chernigovsky forest in Sergiyev Posad

Jay, throstle, oriole, chaffinch, robin, wood pigeon, greater spotted woodpecker and others

/ 01.12.2017

Binaural guard dog

This is where it happened, on a narrow street with single storey wooden houses on both sides

/ 08.08.2012

Kremlin’s honour guards

Kremlin's honour guards

/ 11.05.2012

Vifansky crossing

Vehicles rolling over the railway crossing at Vifanskaya street

/ 03.01.2012

Korovka pond, November night

A place on the verge of the town, so lively in summer and so desolate now

/ 20.11.2011

Living in a hollow tree

There's a pretty old tree by the railroad

/ 13.03.2011