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Recorded by Semyon Semyonov

The reader shares collection of audio recordings

/ 24.02.2019

Grazhdansky area, 2018

Field recordings made in Grazhdansky area in Sergyiev Posad

/ 17.06.2018

Zvyozdotchka pine woods

Pine woods within the city limits

/ 08.07.2016

When all the bathers are gone

The sounds of deserted beaches and cold rivers

/ 01.12.2014

A year-long sound walk

A year-long sound walk. Аудиопрогулка длиною в год

/ 11.03.2012
каток, сергиев посад

Skating rink: metal and ice

Sounds of the skating rink, Severny area, Sergiyev Posad

/ 07.01.2012
пасха, сергиев посад, ферма

Easter night

Priests and parishioners, tourists and beggars

/ 26.04.2011