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The Binaural Diaries of Ollie Hall. Binaural audio blog (UK)

Chants d’Oiseaux en Bourgogne. The birds of Burgundy. And insects too! Recorded by Gerard Olivier (France)

Fieldsepulchra. Michael Raphael, recordist, sound designer, producer in NY (US)

Hljóðmynd. Hljóðmynd – sound image. By Magnus Bergsson (Iceland)

inovember. Malmo’s Magnus Natt och Dag recordings, incl. underwater and contact mic recordings (Sweden)

Invisible Valley. Exploring the aural world of Aburra Valley by Miguel Isaza (Colombia)

Enquiring Ear. Field recording and found sounds. Suffolk and Ipswich sound maps (UK)

La Cosa Preziosa. Susanna Caprara, an award-winning sound artist from the south of Italy specialising in acoustic ecology (Italy)

London Sound Survey. An impressive collection of sounds from Ian Rawes (UK)

Meditation on Sound. Sounds of Crimea recorded by Kir Belevitch

Minnesota Soundscapes. Minnesota soundscapes by Curt Olson (US)

Noise Jockey. Field recording, sound design and effects. By Nathan (US)

Noise Of Norway. Everyday life in sound (Norway)

Pterodaktyl. Everyday natural sounds recorded by Tom Williams, Devon (UK)

The Quiet American. Aaron Ximm, San-Fransisco artist. DIY advice, essays, and field recordings (US)

Railway Sounds. Mostly of N. Yorkshire Moors Railway, c.1980s (UK)

Rob Danielson. Lots of technical advise from prof. Rob Danielson (US)

Rock Scallop. Wildlife sounds of Oregon by John Hartog (US)

Seoul Sounds. Seoul audioblog by Steve Morphie (South Korea)

Sonotaphonomy. Chris Whitehead is a sound artist from North East England (UK)

Soundlandscapes. Street recordings and wise advice from Paris-based Des Coulam who spent nearly half a century sound hunting. This blog is definitely worth a visit for those interested in Paris past and present as well (France)

Soundslikenoise. Environmental/experimental soundscapes from NNS Wales (Australia)

Sounds of the Seaside. Seaside recordings by Joe Stevens (UK)

Suffolk Birds. Birds of the Suffolk county: unspoilt coastline and big open skies (UK)

Chris Watson. Highly acclaimed nature recordist (UK)

Winnall Moors Soundwalk. Winnall Moors reserve by Sebastiane Hegarty (UK)



Inukjuak – Inukjuak Soundmap. Sounds of Inukjuak, an off-road Inuit settlement

Montreal – Montreal Soundmap. From the Canada’s 2nd largest city. Organized by location, time, day of week, recording technique, origin, etc.

Toronto – Sounds of My City. Collaborative, community-oriented exploration of Toronto’s many sounds.


Berlin – Berlin Wall of Sound. Follows the former real Berlin wall dividing the city in two


Seoul, South Korea.


Poznan sound map

Wroclaw sound map


Portugal – Cincocidades. Sounds of the six Portuguese cities ready for mixing


Moscow – Pod Mostom. Moscow’s Luzhniki & Vorobyovy Gory area map


Barcelona – Sons de Barcelona. Graphic representation of the recordings uploaded to

Galicia – Escoitar. Escoitar, focusing primarily on the northwestern Galician coast (without due support, the owners have decided to close the website by file-by-file deleting)


Enquiring Ear. Field recording and found sounds. Suffolk and Ipswich sound maps (UK)

London – LSS historical map. Multi-layered historical sound map by London Sound Survey

London – LSS grid map. Grid-based map of recordings of background atmospheres and incidental noises by London Sound Survey


New Orleans – Open Sound New Orleans. Community media project aiming at recording the New Orleans sonic environment

New York – New York Sound Map. New York sound map

Utah – Western Soundscape. Western States (but not limited to) wildlife recordings by The Western Soundscape Archive, University of Utah


World – Aporee. Ambitious and impressive collaborative map of the world

World, Ocean – Listen To the Deep. Underwater sounds transmitted by the seafloor observatories worldwide. By the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

COMMUNITIES An easy way to post audio tweets

Field Recording. Vkontakte Social network page (Russia)

Freesound. Сollaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Plenty of sounds made by recordists all over the world. Hi-quality .wavs are available for download

The Ear Room. Sound artists interviewed with a focus on artistic practice

Naturerecordists Yahoo!group. Discussion board for those largely interested in wildlife recording and technical advice

Sonatura. French associaton of nature recordists

Sonic Terrain/ Sonic Field. Collaborative publication devoted to field-recording. News, field reports, tips and more

Soundcloud. A popular place to store and discuss audio

Sounds Of My City. Collaborative, community-oriented exploration of Toronto’s many sounds (Canada)

Soundtrips. By wayfarers, for wayfarers (Russia)

World Listening Project. Promoting hearing and recording practice through soundwalks, community projects and media (US)


Amsterdam, Holland. Video and audio of decent quality, broadcasting live from one of the crossroads in the Dutch capital. Church bells are heard on the hour.

Sylt island, Germany. North Sea island. Seagulls, wind and waves – with all the proper sounds to be heard

Estonia, The Wildlife Calendar. . A decent choice of wildlife webcameras in Estonia’s parks and forests – e.g. leaves rustle, bird songs, or even the wild boars munching. Sound of the Month archive is available, though in hibernation since July 2009. (Estonian/Russian/English/Deutsch)

Locus Sonus. Live audio from a number of countries from around the world. Run by the Art Schools of Aix en Provence and Nice (Worldwide)


Impulsive Habitat. Publishing label focused on field recording-based works. Free download under a Creative Commons licence

Wandering Ear. Field recordings from around the world, documented and remixed by a global community of artists. Co-curated by Nathan Larson and Mike Hallenbeck. Free download under a Creative Commons licence