Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Severny and PMK area

From Midnight Onward

Three-part audio series celebrating the longest nights of the year

/ 10.01.2021

Set of Sounds № 7

An audio digest of new field recordings from Sergiyev Posad in Russia

/ 10.11.2020
сергиев посад,сумерки,вечер,ночь

Nine till midnight

Sounds of twilight in Sergiyev Posad: from the open windows and elsewhere

/ 31.08.2020

City noise measured in motorways

Comparing the quietest to the loudest areas, in relation to an overhead road

/ 22.08.2020

New on oontz.ru – the substation hum

Electricity and birds recorded in late July

/ 09.08.2020

Random chirpings generator

These birds songs seem to have no ending and no particular pattern

/ 31.05.2019

Karaoke hours

It's not the karaoke bar you'd like to share the pictures from

/ 12.08.2016