Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Rabochiy area

Loose car bumper sounds

Loose bumper echoing the car stereo

/ 14.09.2012

A bench somewhere

Spend eight minutes with an old lady and her french bulldog sitting on a bench

/ 27.07.2012

Power cut

Power cut, Vperyod newspaper editorial office

/ 08.06.2012

Weather forecast, Rabotchka area

Weather forecast, Rabotchka area. Прогноз погоды, Рабочка

/ 04.07.2011

Sound map: Rabotchiy, Kamenniy

Sound Map: Rabotchiy, Kamenniy

/ 21.03.2011

Living in a hollow tree

There's a pretty old tree by the railroad

/ 13.03.2011