Month: August 2020

сергиев посад,сумерки,вечер,ночь

Nine till midnight

Sounds of twilight in Sergiyev Posad: from the open windows and elsewhere

/ 31.08.2020

City noise measured in motorways

Comparing the quietest to the loudest areas, in relation to an overhead road

/ 22.08.2020

Eleven years of

Sonic adventures in a world populated with people who tend to watch

/ 15.08.2020

90’s bus validator disappears

It was lost but still able to print a cut-through code on paper

/ 11.08.2020

New on – the substation hum

Electricity and birds recorded in late July

/ 09.08.2020

Railroad maintenance works

Ordinary procedure sounding as if being a part of a horror movie

/ 02.08.2020