Rock the ceiling!

Basketball players shaking the ceiling

/ 18.06.2010

Frogs’ choir

Frogs choir by TVR. Лягушачий хор от ТВР

/ 18.06.2010

Suburban train, Pushkino

It reminds the reader of a long commutes to Moscow

/ 18.06.2010

Ski orienteering in Semkhoz

There's something special about listening to chilling winter sounds on a hot summer day

/ 06.06.2010

Grill Bar, a Soviet Dream

It's not a greasy spoon - it's a museum in its own right

/ 01.06.2010

Severny, a soundwalk

Waking up two hours earlier is worth the effort if you're heading for a field recording walk like this

/ 28.05.2010