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Earlier this year Alexey Kurashov has shared with us an ambience recorded at the middle of a frozen lake, and later he sent more sounds, this time a sample of ordinary life of Pervoy Udarnoy street.

There’s a music from some shop heard on a backdrop of bells, voices of people passing by, something like packaging being thrown away, steps, car doors slamming, wing, traffic and more — writes Alexey. The church bells we hear are of the Cathedral of the Glorious Resurrection, or Peter and Paul church known among the locals.

And here’s a brand new audio message from Alexey – July grasshoppers recorded at the village of Alekseevo to the south east of Sergiyev Posad.

Another listener, Alexey Stenin recorded – as he puts it – the forest that speaks, by the Kunya river, not far from the village of Svatkovo. This is a truly enchanting sound.

Yet another blind spot removed form the local audio map – thanks to Semyon Semyonov who has sent in a sound from Khotkovo. His short recording features a morning at the Gorbunov ex-factory living quarter, bells again, this time of the Alexiy. the Metropolitan of Moscow Church.

Once again, Alexey Stenin – this time here’s a sound of a morning at the Sergiyev Posad district court. Steps, voices, doors, and phones switched over to vibrating alert.

Finally, another recording from Alexey Kurashov, and here’s a water well – this one is at the former pioneer (scout-like Soviet movement) camp, at the remote corner of the Lesnoye lake. Alexey got there, at the one of the most tough forest destinations in town, on skis – kudos to him!

Photo by Bekky Bekks from Unsplash

/ 29.07.2021