Sweeping up leaves in Ferma

It is one of the most common sound images of the season

/ 23.10.2009

Central Post Office, Sergiyev Posad

Putting the postmarks on, exchanging messages via the machines

/ 11.10.2009

Open air art fair, Abramtsevo estate

It was rainy at first so setting up an open air art fair looked like a risky affair

/ 27.09.2009

Everyday sounds

Everyday Sergiyev Posad sounds https://www.oontz.ru/karta/ • The most detailed map on oontz.ru • Markers arranged on a scalable map • Four optional layers for each time of the day • Weather on the day of recording • Link to a...

/ 01.01.0101
местные жители,сергиев,посад,звуки

Local walks

The local people of Sergiyev Posad speak about the sounds of the area they live in oontz.ru/en/posad • 12 areas according to the month of the sound recording • Each area specific sounds from the most common to rare •...

/ 01.01.0101

Orthodox bells

Образцы православных звонов в разных городах России oontz.ru/zvon • Distinctive ringing patterns for different regions of Russia • Festive and regular, from cities and villages • Recorded at the Preobrazhenie Festival in Yaroslavl • Ringers’ names and photos of churches...

/ 01.01.0101