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1941: Abramtsevo and Khotkovo bombings
Shopping centre, Khotkovo

Shopping centre, Khotkovo

For decades it was the only department store in and around Sergiyev Posad

/ 03.05.2010
Road sign in Peresvet

Road sign in Peresvet

A loosely fixed stop sign tin plate producing creaky sound

/ 12.04.2010
Nightingale singing
Tonight at the station

Tramcar in Shabolovka, Moscow

Sound of an empty tram-car recorded close by the Apakov car shed

/ 25.03.2010
Joyce rule!

Joyce rule!

Two St. Patrick's Parades in Moscow. Два парада Св. Патрика в Москве

/ 22.03.2010
Boats, ducks and music