There’s a popular song in Russia commemorating V-day referring to a “happy day with the tears in one’s eyes”. The dual nature of the day is unavoidable, this is the time when all the soldiers who died in the WWII are remembered with the triple salvo. Even if this year parade had no volleys, it was all the same – tears and laughter.

This is the story of 1941 fascist bombings of Abramtsevo train station and Khotkovo railway bridge not far from Sergiyev Posad. The man who tells the story is Olyeg Krivonogov, who was 12 then. His words are mixed with the cheerful parade tunes recorded in Khotkovo yesterday.

Recorded May 9th, 2010
Published May 10th, 2010.

Photo: overlooking Khotkovo from that very bridge – by

/ 10.05.2010

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