Jazz lovers are invited to a tribute gig to Sergey Kozhukhar at the San Marino café this Thursday. The line up includes Andrey Kanunov (saxophone), Igor Ostrovsky (piano), Vitaly Bazelevsky (bass), Andrey Troyanovsky (double-bass) and – the chances are good – the guests. SK who has passed away in the 90s, played double-bass and was a well-known figure in the local jazz scene at the time. Here’s the recording made last year – two Andreys, Igor and Vitaly but sorry none of them featured in this photo – and this is the only picture I got from the 2008 SK tribute show (photo by Alexander Ghirlin). If you live in Sergiyev Posad or might happen to be here by any chance, a very warm welcome to you – Thurday, December the 17th, 7pm, San-Marino café (Karla Marksa ulitsa/street, 138/2).

Recorded December 18th, 2008
Published December 11th, 2009 (9.4 mb).

Jazz night: this Thurdsay, Dec 17th

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/ 11.12.2009

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  1. Очень приятно звучит, прекрасный джаз! Поприсутствовал с удовольствием, бинаурал в хороших наушниках это просто чудо и не сравнимо с обычным стерео! Спасибо Вам за труд.

  2. Спасибо и вам, Вадим – это был действительно хороший концерт, и я рад, что это ощущение передается слушателям.

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