Each year on this day they celebrate what has triggered a loss of the country to ones and a start of a new era to the others. The event in question is the 1917 Communist coup (or revolution according to its supporters) that still brings them together, mostly the elderly ones, carrying flowers and slogans just as they did through decades. Deprived of Christ in what turned out to be a god-less state overnight, they were given a new cult 92 years ago. It took a form of sound on that wet and rainy morning as the few women in their 70’s I think sang along L’Internationale, the left-wing anthem. Standing among them I got the same unavoidable feeling as if standing in a church choir. Later on this recording – an old man asking how the factory (where he has worked obviously) is doing. There’s no factory now, someone replies about the largely defunct plant, closed down as modern Russia took a new direction again. Have a listen for yourself.

Recorded November 7th, 2009.
Published December, 6th 2009 (4.2 mb).

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