Tag: Sergiyev Posad – Uglitch area

Sergiyev Posad fair

Sergiyev Posad fair. Ярмарка в Сергиевом Посаде

/ 20.11.2010

Victory Day cricket

Cricket chirr on Victory Day, 2009. Сверчок в День Победы, 2009.

/ 05.05.2010

Bulding site melodies

Not that spooky as the picture might suggest

/ 24.02.2010

Skating rink at minus 23

Students Day celebrations at the skating rink

/ 05.02.2010

The Old New Year

If love celebrations you should not miss the chance to celebrate the New Year twice

/ 13.01.2010

Beating a carpet

Husbands are no longer considering taking a carpet out for a beating a gift to their wives

/ 05.01.2010

Music at the skating rink

It's a sort of compulsory entertainment one can't escape from

/ 04.01.2010