Sitting on a shaky chair waiting for someone – it can be a tortourous experience. But with a recorder handy one can yield something good even in this kind of situation.

This is an old squeaky chair standing at the Radonezhye local TV station hall, so unstable that don’t know how I didn’t end up on the floor really. Every movement I made resulted in a shrieking sound, completely useless. I recorded those sounds, applied some basic processing and here it is. The hall – as far as I know – it doesn’t look the same anymore, so I wonder if this chair is still there but the sound remains. Again, this sound is of course not a binaural sound, it’s hardly even a stereo sound.

Recorded August 31st, 2011 (Edirol R-09HR, built-in mics)
Published December 20th, 2011.

/ 20.12.2011

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  1. кресло-ворчалко )))

  2. очень здорово обработано, хоть и минимально.
    хочу слить и попробовать замедлить раз в 10…

  3. Интересно!

  4. Прикольный звук! Ни за что не догадалась бы, что это кресло.

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