Gröna Lund amusement park in Djurgården, Stockholm seems to be a well thought out place. Listen to the sounds of the pay-gates found at the entrance and even if you are not that much into voluntary exhaustion experience to be found behind those very gates you can’t help liking those sounds anyway.

Swedish days. Gröna Lund

That was Day Twelve.
For more information on the Swedish Days audiodiary please visit this page.

/ 04.07.2011

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  1. This recording is full of so much “commercially organised” joy, i really like it. Do you have any plans in mind for all of these Swedish clips – something for the radio perhaps?

  2. I’d love to but I’m not sure how – whether it is radio friendly or not, should I make a cd of that, or even where to stop 🙂 Thanks for your comment

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