Krasnozavodsk cultural centre isn’t a place to be avoided. Formerly known as Palace of Culture – like many others in Russia it houses a few old-fashioned arcade games standing at the centre’s lobby.

They’re given a rest and I’ve never seen anyone playing all those air bomber flight or submarine periscope simulators. These coin ops boast real TV tubes displays – a far cry from the today’s oleds and plasmas but quite a solution in say 1983. They are always blank. Needless to say it would be great to hear the sounds of those machines one day – but in the meantime, this is the modern gaming arcade recorded at the Luxor cinema in Sergiyev Posad. They’ve come a long way from their kinescope ancestors!

Recorded August 4th, 2010 (CA-14 omni)
Published October 26th 2010.

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