Here is another binaural sound recording suggested by a reader. This one takes us to a suburban railway carriage running between Sergiyev Posad and Moscow. The readers’ choice is the engine sound – it reminds her of her student days way back in 1996 when she used to commute to the University courses. Finding a seat with such an engine below on a winter day means you won’t get cold, she writes.

Recorded June 7th, 2010
Published June 18th, 2010.

/ 18.06.2010

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  1. ббббр!вот уж “каждый день”, так “каждый день”…до отвращения реалистично

  2. antonvezdehod 07.11.2011 at 01:37

    это компрессор тарахтит, чтоб потом пшшшшш делать)))

  3. Любопытно!

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