A guest worker from Uzbekistan is telling his story. Drama school graduate, left theatre in 1980, worked as an editor afterwards. When the Soviet Union collapsed and many people were left on their own, he re-trained as a carpenter to make a living. But not in Uzbekistan.

We met him in Vitoslavlitsy a few kilometers away from Veliky Novgorod, Russia. Vitoslavlitsy is a stunning place – a vast open-air wooden architecture museum featuring real life old houses standing in a row as if forming the street, brought together from all across the Novgorod region. He recalls the staging of a play in Tashkent that portrays the first comrades of Central Asia – steering it to his life subsequently. And as he gets to the collapse part, the petrol-powered saw goes crescendo. Oh dear!

Uzbek stage actor, now carpenter

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Recorded July 2nd, 2009
Published February 12th, 2010 (3.7 mb).

/ 12.02.2010

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