/ 09.10.2010

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  1. I think these leaves are absolutely great. Really binaural, man.
    I’ve just ordered to Chris a pair of CA-14, their space and color sounds fantastic.
    He has said to me to set the mics as binaural in a glasses or a hat. I would like to use them in-ear mode. How do you set the CA’s? I especially love this take!!

    Fran Llull

  2. Thank you Fran, glad you liked it. CA-14s provide some sort of flexibility, but the previous version (which I own) is rather big to fit inside the ear for full effect. Instead, you may attach them to a hat, or a collar, or even to a hood as I did lately when it was a bit cold and windy outside. Chris has a smaller version of CA-14 these days, so this may be of some interest to you. Don’t forget to ask for clips for the mics, and – if you have to – the windscreens. Good luck! Vladimir.

  3. I think I’ll adapt some earphone clips as I did with my other Sony ECM-30s. Then, do you put the CAs in your ear to record?
    Is the newer version different from the older in sound? or is just about size? By the way, you have nice photos. I’ll go to Russia someday.
    I’m very excited about the mics, but they will take a few weeks!!
    Thanks for the info, Vladimir.
    And congrats for your wonderful blog!


  4. Thanks Fran. I’m not sure if the new CA-14 mics sound the same really, I think it is better to ask Chris about that. He said that they are the much smaller version of the original 14s though.
    I wear my pair of mics attached to a jacket collar or to a cap. Not exactly binaural but it works.
    Thanks again, and let me remind you that you may leave a request for a sound from Sergiyev Posad and I will try to recorded it — some sort of tourist information before you book a trip to Russia 🙂

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