Ну не прекрасный ли ритм?

Это звук набирающей скорость электрички, следующей в Москву. Дорога из Сергиева Посада занимает чуть меньше полутора часов.

Записано 30 октября 2011 года (MS-TFB-2)
Опубликовано 5 ноября 2011 года.

/ 05.11.2011

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  1. You’re right, nice syncopation. It reminds me of how some people have said that the jazz era was partly born from the rhythms and sounds within moving trains.

  2. Thanks — never knew that. I will try to listen more carefully to the trains passing by.

  3. Yes, it is interesting how different artists have been inspired by the sounds and movement of trains. Maybe in that era people didn’t have the distractions that we know have on long train trips.
    Gershwin attributes his Rhapsody in Blue to the same types of rhythms you’ve captured in your recording. The Beat writers, Kerouac etc, were also inspired and tried to write with the same pace and rhythm.

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