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And The Sign Says…

Four composers translate street signs into the language of music

/ 06.08.2017

Microphone Movements

Ten recordings of pauses between songs made in a live performance

/ 13.04.2017

Walk on

A sound story: how do marches change us

/ 02.04.2017

The 20th century rock painting

Brick Pics – unexplored and non-attributed

/ 24.12.2016

A very private message

The personal flourishes in a tough and impersonal world of postal rules and restrictions

/ 26.09.2016

Karaoke hours

It's not the karaoke bar you'd like to share the pictures from

/ 12.08.2016

Some dreams never come true

People of Sergiyev Posad share their lost hopes

/ 05.07.2016