/ 09.08.2020

New on oontz.ru – the substation hum

Electricity and birds recorded in late July

/ 09.08.2020

Railroad maintenance works

Ordinary procedure sounding as if being a part of a horror movie

/ 02.08.2020

Number one at Vmeste Media!

Bots and Spammers Dating Club wins at the broadcast, audio and video festival in Moscow

/ 18.07.2020

(Russian) Набор звуков № 6

(Russian) Приложим ухо к земле — послушаем очередной дайджест звуков сайта oontz.ru

/ 14.06.2020

A peregrine falcon (?) from Pustoye Rozhdestvo

Sound recording from the place that hasn't been featured yet

/ 16.05.2020
висагинас,литва,звук,jevgenija cholodova,Visagino garsų žemėlapis

Making a sound map in Lithuania

The sounds of a town surrounded by the woods and the variety of spoken languages

/ 04.05.2020

Festival news

Bots and Spammers Dating Club feature wins at the media festival in Moscow

/ 03.05.2020