In 2010, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption has stopped many air flights in most parts of Europe because of the ash floating in the air. This was considered a gift by many field recordists since this puase gave them a few days of jet-free silence.


The silence currently present in the Trinity Sergius monastery has nothing to do with a gift. Before COVID-19, on a day like this, one would hardly hear the crows’ voices so sharply distinct, and the dust being swiped from behind the benches wasn’t so articulated as well as the little church door slamming.

There are no Chinese tourists these days in most places, and the Italian too — both known to be great talkers — and it looks like there are no tourists in the monastery at all. It’s sad even though some may see this is a special or even charming moment for a monastery once used as a recluses’ shelter. In other words, carpe diem, whatever it might be.

/ 24.03.2020