In December 2017 BBC Radio 3 broadcasted a feature about borders, lightnings and distances. That was the shorter version of a feature I have presented at the 2017 Prix Europa in Berlin this October. It is told in two languages so it should be understood by the audiences in Russia and beyond. Thanks a lot to all who made this possible — the people I talked to in this piece and the Falling Tree production company.

You can listen it here:.

In Russian it is called Divide It By Three but in English we should think of dividing by 5. The title is based on a very rough method of estimating the distance to the lightning by counting seconds between the flash and the thunder and then dividing it by three for kilometers or by five for miles.

/ 24.12.2017

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  1. That’s a lovely programme – congratulations. I enjoyed it and it made me think.

  2. Thank you so much. I am also very happy to discover you website and make a link to it.

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