Four composers translate street signs into the language of music. As they look behind the mundane and sometimes rude notes like Keep Off or Video Surveillance, their music – written especially for this feature – makes those signs more humane, poetic, life-like and understandable.

This experiment examines the way people speak to each other through formal messages and brings an insight into the everyday life of a small town as well as the larger community. Written, recorded and mixed by Vladimir Kryuchev for the HearSay Festival 2017 — shortlisted in CREATE GanBéarla Award and Best Radio/Sound Art.

Music pieces for this feature were written by Tatyana Ryabinkina, Yegor Mogutin, Kirill Miloradovskiy and Sergey Bulanov. Street signs narrated by Tatyana Borisova. Recorded and mixed by Vladimir Kryuchev,


 Hear the original soundtracks composed for the piece 

«Keep Off» by Tatyana Ryabinkina, Yekaterinburg / Moscow

Video Surveillance by Yegor Mogutin, Medvezhyegorsk / Sergiyev Posad

I’ll Be Back In 10 Minutes Time by Kirill Miloradovsky, Moscow-Saint Petersburg

There’s No Sugar! by Sergei Bulanov, Alexandrov / Sergiyev Posad (3 variatons)

Boxing punches by Ekokubza123 (Creative Commons 0 License).

/ 06.08.2017

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