/ 07.10.2011

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  1. Сразу вспомнил детство, когда дедушка дал мне это стекло из тёмной материи от сломанной маски для сварочного аппарата, и я долго смотрел на солнце. А потом, при случае, и на солнечное затмение.

    Спасибо за тёплые воспоминания 🙂

  2. Thanks Vladimir, what a fascinating sound. I listened wearing my protective goggles just in case!

  3. Кир, замечательно! Вдвойне приятно, когда звуки вызывают образы из прошлого.

  4. That’s great Des. Your air alert recording is amazing.

  5. What a beautifully clean sound. The background sounds of people walking along, and perhaps its the workers talking, help give this recording a 3-dimensional feel. You are always good at providing a sense of place with your recordings.

  6. Oh thank you. It was recorded with Church Audio CA-14 omni mics and in my opinion, they are really underestimated when it comes to field recording. They may sound a bit heavy on the lower frequencies sometimes but I would often prefer to leave it as it is. The sound that they produce is still clean and transparent and the hiss is quite low. The 3-dimensional feeling can be explained by the fact that the mics were used in pseudo-binaural mode attached to the jacket collar. And yes, the voices heard on this recording belong to the workers.

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