Starting off with the wind rumbling in our ears – this is the belated July soundwalk. Traditionally regarded as a recording flaw these particular gusts are justified by representing the distinctive characteristic of the locality.

Our guide this month is Valeria Ratnikova who cannot decide whether she thinks of the Severny area as noisy and restless urban place or more peaceful environment. She also takes us on a sonic journey to the neghbouring PMK area deriving its name from an abbreviation for Mobile Mechanic Division (spelled in Russian) located nearby and Leskhoz (an acronym for Lesnoye Khozyaistvo, or Forestry Enterprise). Valeria is accompanied by her dog, totally silent all the way. Finally, the sounds of Sergiyev Posad are revealed by the comparison to the ambience of Valeria’s native rural town of Kovrov.

All sounds were recorded in the area. Here are the key non-verbal sounds featured in this recording:

  • Severny area (00.00 – 04.14)
  • PMK area (04.15 – 05.51)
  • Leskhoz area (05.54 – 08.55)

Recording locations: Severny, PMK, Leskhoz
Recording date: July 30, 31 2011
Related period: 2000’s
Sounds: stereo, binaural stereo

Part of Sergiyev Posad Sound Map.

/ 30.08.2011

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