What is known of Fr. Alexander Menn – both as a priest and a neighbour? Could jazz be referred to as an Orthodox music? What is the most precious thing in Semkhoz area? Let’s hear the local sounds and address these questions to Fr. Victor Grigorenko of the Sergiyev Church located in one of the most tranquil areas of Sergiyev Posad.

Recording locations: Semkhoz
Recording date: May 29, 30th 2011
Related period: 1960’s-2000’s
Sounds: stereo, binaural stereo

Part of Sergiyev Posad Local Sound Map.

/ 06.06.2011

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  1. очень душевно, спасибо)

  2. Рад слышать, спасибо и вам, Влад.

  3. Отличный звук и Добрые Слова! Рад, что мне посчастливилось побывать у Вас…

  4. Спасибо, Ярослав. Заходите еще!

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