Another month, another colour, another story. We are led by Olga Romashova, a local poet and an ecologist at the Moscow’s Vorobyovy Gory wildlife reserve park. But no poetry readings or lectures on nature this time – Olga speaks of the years she and her family have spent in that area that borders with the city centre. Delivered in her inimitable style are the reminiscences of the sounds of the general elections Olga went to with her grandparents, ‘natural economy’ gifts – vodka bottles given to the plumbers (this could be a more efficient way to get rid of the plumbing issues in the Soviet times), written school tests burned to ashes. Also, debunking the old local myth that defames Rabotchiy as of one the most crime-ridden area of Sergiyev Posad.

All sounds were gathered in the area. Here are the key non-verbal sounds featured in this recording:

  • car-alarm, Berounskaya street (00.00 – 01.55)
  • jackdaws, sparrows and pigeons, Krasnoflotskaya street (02.45 – 03.40)
  • police emergency call street button, Valovaya street (03.50 – 04.25)
  • train from Yaroslavl to Moscow, bakery gates, Krasnoflotskaya st (04.25 – 04.40)
  • Krasny (Red) shop ambience – Karla Libknekhta street (06.35 – 07.50)
  • radio set out of a shop window to attract customers, Valovaya st (08.25 – 08.40)
  • Recording locations: Rabotchiy, Kamenniy
    Recording date: February 26, 27th, 2011
    Related period: 1980s-2000s
    Sounds: stereo, binaural stereo

    Part of Sergiyev Posad Sound Map.

    / 21.03.2011

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    1. How bizarre, the siren is almost like electronic/techno music. Love the photo.

    2. Антон Шариков 07.07.2013 at 15:18

      Микрофоны в чьих ушах? в девушкиных? кроме девушки еще кто-то с ней есть рядом? звук как будто девушка в центре.. значит микрофоны в её ушах. И она одна, кроме её шагов никого не слышу… Я думал на этом сайте все записи Владимира!
      Какая модель микрофона здесь использована сложно вспомнить? Church Audio или SoundProfessionals?

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