Designer Alexander Tupitsyn takes us through the rural and the urban as we explore the sounds of his native semi-dachas Yuznhy area of Sergiyev Posad as well as the more city-like neighbourhoods of Klementiyevka and Vorobiyovka. He shares his knowledge of the clickety-clacks made by the various types of trains that use to pass by his house, recalls the ambience of the now long gone large grocery venue, and muses about the ethics behind the sport school, church and a building site situated closely to the old cemetery – among other things. Photo by Yulia Muzytchenko.

Recording locations: Yuzhny, Klementievskiy, Vorobyovka
Recording date: November 21 and 28, 2010
Related period: 1962, 1980’s-2000’s
Sounds: stereo, binaural stereo

Part of Sergiyev Posad Sound Map.

/ 07.12.2010

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  1. Трудно догадаться даже насчёт некоторых звуков 🙂

  2. Хм-м-м… Имеется в виду их происхождение или что-то еще?

  3. Восхитительно, Александр. Полное погружение в атмосферу под ваше весьма приятное сопровождение.

  4. Да, это была хорошая история!

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