Mostovik is a small village outside of Sergiyev Posad holding the only cross-country motocycle race around. They occupy a former sandpit for a few days in summer – from toddlers to the retired ones, men and women, newbies and pros. They came from all across Russia and neighbouring countries. This is a mixed soundscape that mixes the bikes’ roar with a few voices and some music.

Recorded May 18th, 2008.
Published October 4th, (6.9 mb).

/ 04.10.2009

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  1. I am very impressed by the sound quality and the sense of space. I also like how you mixed various sounds together to create more of a story. Well done. I have started to work through your sound postings, from the earliest to the latest. Take care. Chris

  2. Many thanks Chris, I’m not sure if you speak Russian, but if not it’s especially great to know that the sound of speech itself has served as a layer in this recording.

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