Category: Speech

‘Check me out on YouTube!’

Gena Portnoy, a sing-what-I-see musician and tailor from Sergiyev Posad

/ 14.08.2017

Night Cities’ Sounds

An imaginary museum of night sounds

/ 21.05.2017

A very private message

The personal flourishes in a tough and impersonal world of postal rules and restrictions

/ 26.09.2016

Some dreams never come true

People of Sergiyev Posad share their lost hopes

/ 05.07.2016

Read before it melts

What does the snow footprints tell us about the people who made it?

/ 17.04.2016

Local railway PA voices – the big change

A human voice gives way to text-to-speech services

/ 30.07.2012

Non-stage sounds of the Gagarin Hall

Non-stage sounds of the Gagarin Hall

/ 21.03.2012