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Set of Sounds, August — September

Random recordings from the Sergiyev Posad streets dating back to 2010

/ 03.09.2017

A live hour at the Silver Rain radio

A few days after the broadcast, the listeners have sent their cities' recordings in

/ 25.05.2017

Night Cities’ Sounds

An imaginary museum of night sounds

/ 21.05.2017

Park sounds

There are places you can go with no particular reason but be sure to hear something

/ 03.05.2017

Dark and Dull. River Flood

Dark and Dull. River Flood

/ 26.02.2013

Nuns driving a herd

Shepherding cows across the road

/ 13.09.2012

Kuznetsov alley

Kuznetsov alley. Бульвар Кузнецова

/ 12.09.2012