Alex Rdultovsky, a local historian and writer shared this rare book with me. Als die Musikdosen spielten is a massive and lavishly illustrated volume that is accompanied by a tiny vinyl record. It features a dozen of recordings of vintage music boxes and all sorts of playthings.

The collection is amazing, it tells much more of the era, not just the tunes. There is even the recording of a bird organette made to teach canary birds to sing melodies that sound good to the human ear (it opens the record).

The book was publsihed in 1972 by Mondo, the Swiss publishing house that is no longer active. In the first days of January we are to hear and read more about some of the tunes. Scroll down and click the links. There should be more of them.

Side One

01 Vogelorgel
02 Flötenuhr
03 Musikdose mit Walze 1810
04 Musikdose 1895
05 Piano mélodico
06 Célestina
07 Chordephon
08 Automates de Coppet
09 Musiktisch
10 Phonographe Edison

Side Two

01 Grosse Engelstime
02 Vogelkäfig
03 Musikdose mit Metallscheibe
04 Drehorgel
05 Piano “Welte Mignon”
06 Phonoliszt Violina
07 Orchestrion “Weber Maesto”
08 Karusselorgel

Musikdose 1895

A music box made in 1895 that plays the Soldier’s March from the Gounod’s Faust.

The same march performed by the French Radio Philharmonic Orchestra:


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