We are in the middle of September, and it looks like we are still enjoying the Indian summer here in central Russia. Things may change soon and here is something to keep the memory of these days. It’s a piece recorded about a week ago, on a quite sunny but windy afternoon not far from the Trinity Sergius monastery gates. You can hear the wind as it easily surpasses those thin windscreens of my binaural microphones. But the wind is also serving as a medium here bringing or muffling sounds coming from across the Krasnogorskaya square where a duo of gusli players is singing old songs. Also on this recording are: passers-by going to and from the monastery, birds and traffic. There are two versions of it, and one is pretty short.

And the other one is five times longer.

Recorded 8 September 2012 (MS-TFB-2). Published 18 September 2012.


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m189 56.310693, 38.133041 Дуэт гусляров / Gusli duo08/09/2012

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  1. Very nice. I also like how you provide a map to where the sounds were recorded. Nice touch.

  2. Yes Chris, mapping makes the sound sharper in some way to me.

  3. Listening to this piece again and I like how the peaceful and calm song contrasts with the jerk who honking his car horn. One space, but two worlds.

  4. This is the town centre, a lot of unwanted sounds (

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