Speaking of the rough sounds again – and it’s not necessarily the machinery-related sounds. Some are made by the human beings as well. Here is a small green space with no name located in the Zvyozdotchka area (the map will open in a new window).

The five-ring logo visible on the photo takes us back to 1980, the year of the Moscow Summer Olympics. This logo was applied to everything originated about the time of the Games, everything that could catch the eye – from the plastic paper files, key chains and teapots to the outdoor flowerpots and red brick ornament adorning the white-brick block of flats. This kind of, ahem, street art could still be seen in Khotkovo, a small town in the neighborhood of Sergiyev Posad.

The character on the second photo is the mascot of the 1980’s Moscow Olympics, Misha the Bear, in a rather strange rendition though. It is hardly ever possible to record the sounds of these Olympic-related objects. To end on a proper note, here is a boxing tornament sounds. Honestly I don’t remember what the tornament it was. All I know it was held in Sergiyev Posad’s Loutch arena (MS-TFB-2 binaural microphones, the map will open in a new window).

Recorded July 22nd 2012 / September 14th, 2011
Published August 5th, 2012.

Posted by oontz.ru

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  1. После долгого перерыва снова зашел к Вам на сайт и поразился изменениям. Очень хорошо сделали новую карту! И теперь серьезнее послушал, что можно записать бинауральными микрофонами. Очень и очень захватывающе! Спасибо за записи, Владимир 🙂

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