An airline ticket, a backpack and a recorder – this is what is needed to get website up and running.

Let me remind you that July 18 is World Listening Day celebrated by field recordists worldwide and it seems like there is no better occasion to have a look at this website. is a cross between the two hobbies – the love of traveling is getting backed by the curiosity of someone with a recorder in his hand. Pressing play button brings us on the author’s trail – from Sumatra to Kishinev. Anyone can make and upload his own soundtrip, a nice feature for making a community project.

Technically the website is pretty interesting too. It is made with Cotonti CMS – not the most likely choice when it comes to creating a web project. One can’t miss a random soundtrip player and some notes on field-recording based on author’s experience further below. Forum page, polls, registration form among the other things often neglected by a blogger.

Another nice feature provides filtering according to the time of year – winter brings sounds of Saint Petersburg, Belarus and Moldova, spring and summer takes us to Crimea or South East Asia.

One last thing to add – Nikita Istomin, the man behind the website shows no admiration towards preserving the recording “as is” – as if fading and cutting make it less real or less authentic. And he is doing it quite well.

Not many recordings are uploaded yet, but if you drop a line to Nikita this will definitely make him more enthusiastic about buying an airline ticket, packing a backpack and grabbing a recorder over and over again.

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  1. Good of you to promote someone else’s work.
    Did you do any special recordings for world listening day?

  2. Yes, I believe that Russian field recordists need to be promoted because so little is done.

    I’ve made a few recordings yesterday – not sure if they are special in any way but one coincides with the local Sergiyev Posad celebration day which may be of some interest. The others are the football fans’ chants and the tile glazing being removed at the old derelict shop. I need to get down to it maybe later today hopefully.

  3. На самом деле эффектов я применяю самый минимум – fade in & out, и немного нормализую, чтобы уменьшить шумы. В целом, я за естественное звучание.
    Спасибо за Вашу заметку, Владимир! Очень приятно читать такой разбор сайта.

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