Some music this time – a violin duo consisting of traditionally clad male and female musicians performing at Skansen park. They play at a glade surrounded by the old houses brought from all over Sweden, open air cages are somewhere near, and a nice view towards Stockholm opens up at the Skansen’s hights not far away. Two tipsy gentlemen are approaching the stage, trying to sing along but they seem to be struggling.


And a bit of a bonus – Alexandra Lebedeva, live at the Swedish Radio. Alexandra is from Nizhny Novgorod, she’s on an educational tour, and she never fails whenever there’s a piano around. Especially if this is a white piano at the Sveriges Radio hall in Norrkoping.

That was Day Thirteen.
For more information on the Swedish Days audiodiary please visit this page.

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  1. Oh wow – you’ve captured a really beautiful street performance. This is one of the few recordings of a street performance that really nicely incorporates the surrounding ambient sounds. Love it!

  2. Many thanks indeed, I’ve always liked the way things sound outside, soft tone, no harsh echoes, very natural sound indeed. I also dare to say it’s one of the best types of studio I could think of if not the best.

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