This time of the year definitely has its own sound – squeaky snow, cheerful shouts, church services and bell ringing, music, and even cash registers. But at the same time we are surrounded by not so obvious sounds, like this one. I’ve been checking my mics today at home – and passing by the Christmas tree (more often referred to as the New Year tree in post-communist Russia) I’ve got a strange buzz in the headphones. Bringing mics closer to the lights and wires resulted in stronger hum. This has reminded me of the glorious Electronica Digitalis electro-noise piece by the UK-based Audio Field Recordist. My effort is much more modest comparing to his symphony of all sorts of sounds ranging from BT Broadband Home Hub to Sony Minidisc Recorder. I believe this one to be the microcircuit that changes the bulbs’ colour. Non-binaural stereo, headphones are not required.

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Recorded January 1st 2011 (SP-TFB-2)
Published January 2nd, 2011.

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  1. сверхкруто.
    вроде бы, даже ритм квадратный.
    в смысле амплитуда колебаний метрическая.. если я правильно понимаю значения написанных мною слов..)

  2. Спасибо! Возможно, квадратичность ритма объясняется тем, что в этой гирлянде попеременно зажигаются лампочки четырех цветов 😉

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