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Christmas in Sergiyev Posad (longer version)

Recorded: January 6th and 7th, 2010
Locations: Trinity-Sergius monastery, Sergiyev Posad railway station, Krasnoy Armii prospekt/avenue
Running time: 23 min
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Notes. This recording could be split in two parts. The first day (00:00:00) – (00:05:52), and the second day (00:05:59) – (00:22:50). Binaural audio, please use headphones for spatial sound.

First day:

  • late chimes and clocks striking at the monastery belfry;
  • customers at the church lunchroom;
  • squeaky snow and birds, monastery ambience;
  • Uspensky cathedral doors (the cathedral ambience is flowing from the left when the doors are open);
  • the story of a boy who got lost at the church service;
  • people passing through the Holy gates – the monastery’s main entrance;
  • road traffic outside of the monastery.

Second day:

  • railway station early morning;
  • chimes;
  • bell ringing;
  • squeaky snow and birds, monastery ambience;
  • tourists passing by;
  • church shop ambience;
  • bell ringing and chimes;
  • door slammed.

Download the recording here or listen here

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