Sergiyev Posad on Resonance FM

A tiny piece of audio from Sergiev Posad has been broadcast on London’s Resonance FM yesterday evening. I’ve recorded it a few years ago in the Gagarin concert hall. The performance was over, and someone from the public, or stage...

/ 26.06.2016

As heard at the Prix Marulić

The sounds from a Radio Island

/ 13.06.2016

All Over the Wax

Hear the Modern Age boaters and Sirens

/ 09.05.2016

Read before it melts

What does the snow footprints tell us about the people who made it?

/ 17.04.2016

Oh no, that’s not me

The way we sound, the way they sound like us

/ 23.12.2015

P-36, 1954 steam train

A steam blast from the past

/ 24.09.2015

When all the bathers are gone

The sounds of deserted beaches and cold rivers

/ 01.12.2014